Read: Chris Kreider Brings The Same Mentality To The Rink Everyday

KreiderThe past two games, and three of the last four, has seen Chris Kreider play over 12 minutes and are the games in which he has played the most so far this season.

He played 14:37 against Montreal, a season high, but had 20 shifts against Ottawa and played 12:43.

In the Daily News, Kreider said that he is taking things day by day and brings a positive attitude,”you have to approach every day like it’s an opportunity, because everybody’s competing for jobs.”

He added that whether he is with the Rangers or the Whale, he brings the same kind of mentality of hard work to the rink,” It’s not anything you can control. If you start worrying about the stuff you can’t control, it’s very easy to get thrown off and get bent out of shape and all of a sudden you’re not playing the game and you’re worrying.”

Kreider also said that he tries to have a short-term memory and whether the past shift was good or bad, he only wants to focus on the next shift.

2:45PM: At Hockey’s Future, they list Kreider as a player who is “trailing the play” so far this season but add “It is still extremely early in his career however, and he will have plenty of time to rediscover his confidence, and the offensive game that should come with it.”