Read: Brian Leetch Talks About Chris Kreider

Chris KreiderIn a chat with, Brian Leetch told Dan Rosen that he feels Chris Kreider could make a big impact for the Rangers this year, but only if he finds the right role.

Leetch says, “he’s got the size, the speed, all the NHL tools, but you need the production and you need him to fit in there.”

He adds that he thinks the Rangers will spend the rest of the season putting Kreider into different roles and see if they can start the playoffs with him, or if he comes in to replace an injured playoffs during the playoffs.

Leetch says that the key for Kreider will be to work through his issues and regain his confidence, “he’s kind of stuck in-between and a little unsure confidence-wise. They’re kind of stuck now, like, ‘What do we do?’ I think it’s going to be hard for him because he’s lost some confidence after last year.”

In Newsday, Steve Zipay writes that “if the Rangers are to find the recipe for success this year, Chris Kreider must be in the mix”

Zipay also adds that Kreider is saying his ankle is feeling a lot better than it has  in a while and how while he sat out and watched the games from above, Kreider realized that he doesn’t have to rush everything, “I saw that you have some time with the puck. You see where your support is.”