Note: The Potential Upside For Chris Kreider

KreiderIn the Dobber Hockey Prospect Guide, they look at the upside for each of the Rangers prospects.

For Chris Kreider that say his upside is comparable to that of Montreal’s Max Pacioretty and that he can be a 35 goal/40 assist guy.

Dobber defines “upside” as statistical number that the players will likely not surpass but a realistic number that the player can hit.

At Hockey Prospectus, Corey Pronman says that Kreider could be a “below-average” top-line winger in the NHL but adds that Kreider’s projection carries “notable” uncertainty.

Pronman says that Kreider’s physical tools are “simply tremendous” and that his skating ability and speed make him a dangerous player in transition.

Pronman ranked Kreider as the 41st best prospect in hockey.