Note: Chris Kreider Just Went Face First Into The Boards

7:27PM: From Rob “Kreider did not return during the third. Whale lose 3rd straight, 5-0”


The Whale sent out this tweet 25 minutes ago “With 16:46 in the 2nd @ChrisKreider takes a big hit and is slow to get up but is able to skate off on his own ”

Mitch Beck tweeted this 32 minutes ago “Kreider shaken up… down on the ice Trainer Damien Hess out to check on him at 3:14”

Theresa aka kaboom23 tweeted “kreider just got his head slammed into the boards, went straight to the locker room…yikes”

Hartford Hockey tweeted “Kreider got leveled on the endwall, Kreider hurt but no penalty called”

6:31PM: Erik Douglas tweeted “kreider hasn’t returned since holden bundled him behind the net early on in the 2nd”