Note: Chris Kreider Is Going To Be GREAT

On the Metro Hockey Podcast, Chris Botta mentioned that an NHL scout told him that the Rangers Chris Kreider isn’t just going to be good (25 goals and 60 points), he is going to be “great.”

Chris then asked Dave Starman of CBS Sports, who covers college hockey, about Kreider, and he said:

I don’t think there is a ceiling for this kid and he can be as good as any player coming out of college in recent history. I think he can be a legitimate elite top six forward in the NHL because he is big, strong and might be the fastest player ever to play at BC. He has an NHL shot, wrist and slap shot, he is good in traffic and he is humongous so he wins battles on the wall and you can’t move him from the front of the net.

[jbutton color=”white” size=”medium”]”He has probably exceeded some expectations but his development pattern has been really good. Now he is good away from the puck, good in his own end and he can get the puck and give it back. When he gets the puck with a little bit of space it’s lights out. I think he is going to be a star.”[/jbutton]

I was in the studio and ready for my segment when Chris asked this question, and as I mentioned on the show, I was smiling ear to ear while Dave was saying. To me the best part of this, and Chris mentioned it before asking me my thoughts on Kreider, is that Starman has no allegiance to the Rangers and gave an incredibly glowing report. You would expect someone connected with the team to praise the prospect like this, but Starman is an analyst and has no reason to say this other than it being what he believes.

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