Note: Chris Kreider Has Been Playing With This Bone Chip For Weeks

KreiderAt ESPN NY and Ranger Rants, Matt Ehalt and Andrew Gross write that Chris Kreider has been playing with a bone chip in his ankle since injuring it in the AHL on January 5th.

Kreider was originally diagnosed with a bone bruise, but an MRI last week revealed that he had a bone chip.

He told ESPN NY that the bone chip isn’t an excuse for his struggles to start the season, saying “everybody is playing through something.”

Kreider told Ranger Rants that he has had good days and bad days since hurting his ankle, “There were days where it was worse, days where it was better. I would have liked it to be a bone bruise like the original diagnosis. If this was a bone bruise, it gets better pretty quickly and you can play through it.”

Kreider took the ice for the first time in a week yesterday.