Chris Kreider Hand

Note: Chris Kreider doing conditioning drills this morning (Update: Making progress)

1:19AM: Andrew Gross says that Kreider’s shots today were “softer than soft.” (Twitter)

4/30/14 | 1:08PM: Kreider was handling a puck this morning and taking a “few soft shots” while he skated around the ice at MSG on his own. (Daily News)

4/28/14 | 1:23PM: Andrew Gross says that one drill Kreider was doing saw him start in the defensive zone and skate to each line on the ice all while returning back to the defensive zone and circling the net before going to the next line. (Ranger Rants)

11:08AM: Chris Kreider is at one end of the ice at MSG working with Scott Arniel on conditioning drills. (Steve Zipay)

Kreider is just being skated by Arniel, they are not using pucks. (Andrew Gross)


Kreider went through the same process on Saturday during the Rangers skate.


Hurry back Chris, we miss ya


@joelman yeah for next year. I don't think he'd make that big a difference. Isn't that why Nash, Richards, and St. Loius are here?