Alain Vigneault says that Chris Kreider can be “elite”

Chris Kreider9/20/15 | 8:19AM: Rick Nash says that Kreider has the ability to be one of the best players in the league and that once he “believes in himself”  and has the confidence he will “bring his game to another level. (North Jersey)

9/19/15 | 9:39AM: Alain Vigneault said on Friday that when he looks at Chris Kreider he sees someone who can be an “elite player” in the NHL. (NYR)

Vigneault said that Kreider has “everything to become a dominant power forward” and that it’s his “time to shine now.” (NYR)

He added that Kreider has been improving over the past couple of years and that “it’s his time to become one of the go-to guys on the team now.” (NYR)

Vigneault said over the summer that he is expecting “great things” from Kreider.

Kreider said that he wants to be more consistent this season and develop into the player he knows that he can be.