Chris Kreider

Buzz: Are we going to see Chris Kreider in this series?

9:08PM: Larry Brooks writes that there is no telling if Kreider will be able to return to the Rangers in this series. (NY Post)

2:30PM: Chris Kreider underwent surgery on what is believed to be a broken left hand on 3/29 and has missed the last 15 games for the Rangers.

The Rangers have insisted that Kreider is out indefinitely with no timetable for a return though the day before the surgery Bob McKenzie said that the initial diagnosis on the injury was that it could be 1 or 2 or 3 months depending on how they treated it and potentially season ending if surgery was done.

At the time, Kreider wanted to play through the injury but Glen Sather decided to pull him to prevent any long-lasting issues.

Kreider has been skating, mostly with the scratched players,  since 4/8 though was not handling any pucks or shooting until earlier this week. The shots Kreider were taking though have been described as “soft.”

John Giannone guesses that Kreider will join the Rangers “sometime” in the series. (Twitter)

Adam Rotter: If Chris Kreider is cleared to play I think he will but he won’t be the same player he was before, at least not right away. Mats Zuccarello came back from a hand injury and struggled to produce points and you have to figure that Kreider will be in the same situation. Kreider can help impact a game with his speed but it’s hard to know if his hand will allow him to shoot the way he needs to or prevent him from being as physical as he needs to be. Still, you have to think that having Kreider in the lineup is better and brings more upside than the Dan Carcillo, JT Miller, Jesper Fast group.


Dorsett took a stupid penalty that led to the second Penguins goal.  Rangers weren't going to win this game anyway.

Hank was awesome, but he couldn't steal it.

I don't want to see Kreider if he is not well. Of course, the nature of the injury and surgery is a mystery.

We got a split against number one Pittsburgh in their barn.  Stretch it out another week and hopefully Kreider makes an appearance.

damien jude
damien jude

dorsett is a liability? you're just another Rangers fan idiot. too many fools like you

Louis Palermo
Louis Palermo

If he is healthy enough back in the lineup he goes! Sit Dorsett and leave Dan "car bomb" Carcillo in the lineup. Dorsett is a liability......Always!


Kreider  needs to stay off until next year. All he needs is for one of the Penguin dirt bags to slash him on that hand and that's all she wrote. Bite the bullet, let then hand get totally healed, and come back with a vengeance next year.