Read: What Is Working For Carl Hagelin/How He Is Handling His Streak

Last night, Carl Hagelin scored four the fourth straight game and his fifth in that time.

Hagelin had four shots on goal in 16:41 of ice time and was also on the ice for Derek Stepan’s game winning goal.

In terms of what is working for Hagelin, John Tortorella said last night, “just creating offense. He has had the most energy. His skates are on top of the ice. Some guys have their skates in the ice. He’s just….he’s just that fast. He is a big player for us. He creates a lot of havoc and a lot of puck control. He is a big piece and helped that line tremendously.”

On Saturday, Hagelin was asked about his mindset during his point scoring streak and told the Rangers website, “I am always positive no matter what. I am a pretty easy going guy. I try not to get too high or too low because it isn’t going to do any good for me or anyone around me. It’s important to stay humble and always working hard and keeping your head up. If you become negative it’s only going to be be more negative.”

Hagelin said that he is also benefiting from the chance to play with Rick Nash and Carl Hagelin.

Nash said, in the Daily News, that Hagelin has an ability that few other players have, “when he uses his speed, it’s a huge advantage for him. He can outskate anyone, so it’s easy for me and Step to find him.”