Note: Carl Hagelin Finally Scored on Wednesday

After scoring 11 points in 12 February games, Carl Hagelin only has nine points in his last 21 games.

Hagelin had a goal and an assist against the Maple Leafs on Wednesday for his first multi-point game since March 10th.

His last goal prior to Wednesday was on March 19th and his last assist was March 26th.

Joe Micheletti said that Hagelin had the look of a frustrated player who was waiting for a bounce to go his way. A bounce that he got last night when the puck want to his stick.

When asked about his reaction/celebration to scoring, Hagelin said that he had wanted to get off the ice, he went down twice on the shift, but the puck came down by his stick and he was able to score. Hagelin added that he was especially happy about scoring because it meant he could get off the ice.

Dave Maloney and Brian Leetch then discussed what kind of offensive player Hagelin could develop into. Leetch said that Hagelin puts himself in good positions and he plays with good players, so he could be a nice offensive producer. Leetch added that since Hagelin is not a natural goal scorer, he will need to use his speed and other assets to manufacture goals.

Based on his numbers this year, Hagelin would have 18 goals and 22 assists over an 82 game season.