Read: Ken Hitchcock On How Rick Nash Can Impact A Game

Rick Nash is profiled in the latest issue of The Hockey News by Ken Campbell and Campbell spoke with Nash’s former coach Ken Hitchcock.

Hitchcock said that Nash was at his best when he was pushing Columbus to make the playoffs in 2009.

“He was absolutely dominant when Columbus was chasing a playoff spot in 2009. He bought in like never before. He was a dominant player even when he wasn’t getting points. I would watch him that season and he reminded me of what Mike Modano did with me in Dallas with his complete game.”

Campbell adds that the Rangers are counting on Nash to be “a rejuvenated player, particularly since he’ll be playing with an elite playmaking center in Brad Richards for the first time in his career.”

It has been suggested that Nash has not been challenged since Hitchcock was fired in Columbus and how John Tortorella is the perfect coach for him at this stage of his career.