Note: Paul Maurice Doesn’t Think That Eric Gave Marc A Concussion

Update: 9AM: Saturday: Brian Boyle said this to Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants:

“That’s an interesting viewpoint,” a very skeptical Boyle said. “I’m not a doctor. But I remember the hit is when he started feeling a little different. It might be he’s trying to protect his player. We want Marc back. I feel bad for Marc.”

More on this at the NY Post

Update: 4:53PM

Original Post

On September 19th, in the NY Post, Larry Brooks wrote:

Though Staal did indeed incur the knee injury, the organization repeatedly denied he had sustained a concussion. It was only yesterday that Tortorella disclosed Staal had, at the time, been “diagnosed with a concussion.”

No. 18 returned to the lineup after missing three games and passing a baseline test. But he was sidelined again for two games for an undisclosed reason on March 20-22 that yesterday was disclosed as post-concussion symptoms.

Tortorella told the NY Times, this about when Staal suffered the injury:

Tortorella, asked Wednesday whether he had not publicly disclosed Staal’s head injury last season to protect Staal, responded, “Yeah.”

He added: “And you guys didn’t ask, so I didn’t give you the information. He had a knee injury — that was the main concern of ours at that time.”

I’m not sure what Maurice is talking about. Eric has basically admitted that he gave Marc the concussion with that hit. That should be enough.